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Player Valuation: £70m
Not attacking. Just pointing out that the his pet name changes for a reason on this site but you have gone to extra lengths to continue calling him it.

So missed 1 game. You made out that he had been gone for many games by including him with the other longer injuries.
Digne broke his ankle last year and missed a lot longer. Our form was up and down but we still picked up points.


Player Valuation: £30m
Do you not find that all a bit weird though? He met him once when they played Leicester and then asked someone for his mobile number to start texting him years later. A bit creepy if you ask me.

The Club have been scouting Gray on and off since Martinez was here.

He signed for Leicester City during the season they won the league when we were said to be his other option.

I like Gray - I'm pretty sure he would be here regardless of our manager because I'm not sure many / any Clubs of our stature were after him.


Player Valuation: £50m
The alarm bells started ringing for me at the start of the season when we were in good form and people were still tearing into the manager and making excuses as to why we were winning games. Had people saying that even if he won a cup that they’d never accept him. That’s all I needed to know that he couldn’t possibly ever be a success here. It’s an appointment that should never have happened and it happened because of an imbecilic and selfish clown of an owner, plain and simply.
Alot would have come round if he was standing 5th/6th now, a lot follower the die hards that’s say and mean they would never except him. But winning and success those die hards Rafael dislike would be in the minority. Most fans are fickle, hate the team one week next week love them, that’s how it’s always been, problem now Benitez is starting to look lost and things don’t look to be getting better anytime soon, he had his chance and imo he’s fluffed it now, I’m not sure hiw he can come back from this, 5 game winning run perhaps is the only way, but that wont happen.


Player Valuation: £50m
Won't speak to fans but will go on Talksport

Doesn't back any manager in 5 years then chooses to finally back the most unpopular of all his appointments

What a total shambles
The thing is he hasn’t had long, this manager sacking thing is becoming a problem, but with Benitez and Everton the situation is a bit more complex they don’t match due to history, but Moshiri would look a bit foolish to get him gone this soon. I would expect he’s got to january to turn things round. So either way I wouldn’t think we have to long, to either get rid or results pick up, time will tell. I can’t agree managers haven’t been backed they have had millions to spend, in Rafas defence he’s had pittance, I’m not saying he’s the man for us but he certainly hasn’t been backed by the club, personally I think we should part company with him, or a5least if the club came out with an ultimatum say no improvement in 4 games that’s it.


Player Valuation: £10m
I suggest you do some more research. Begovic was the only player Brands brought to the club in the summer. Gray was 100% Rafas signing.

Go and read Rafas interview in which he clearly states that he had been following his career over the last 4 years. Was regularly in touch with his agent and was texting him whilst in Germany. Brands may have been scouting Germany, but Gray was all Rafael.
This Is true .


Player Valuation: £70m




Benitez would win the title every year if it went back to 2 points for a win. He peddles anti-football.

Deal signed until 2014. Horrible ******* troll.

I have mixed feelings: he'll never win the Premiership but April will always be a worry for us because he gets them into the later stages of the CL....and he's an annoying prick who should be sweeping the sick up off Madrid streets.

Graceless nobhead. Even the Kopites must be cringeing with embarrassment.

I reckon Benitez was from a family of Francoist scum, gunning down salt of the earth Republicans in the civil war and informing on anti-Franco activists in its aftermath. I have absolutely no evidence to prove that, but you just *know* it's true. :coffee:

He'd have knocked her to the ground and robbed her. He looks like a nasty little purse stealing [Poor language removed]. :eek:

They love Benitez because he reflects them: victim obsessed and never accepting responsibility for his own actions.

Great to see him sinking isn't it? I know all blues will be comparing Everton and Liverpool's injury woes and cursing Benitez's whinging, but I love every minute of this. The United game is hanging over him like an axe and he still has three days of defending himself before it. It's superb to see the arrogant Francoist [Poor language removed] on the back foot defending himself from his own 'loyal' support.

Word of the day: Schadenfreude. ;)

Can someone lock this ******* lunatic up and throw away the key?

He's pure poison. A malevolent force that polarises every situation he's ever gone into in order to turn the chaos in his favour.

I know the argument for keeping him at Anfield makes sense, but he's made it a priority to humiliate Everton and I want him sacked and on the floor.

Probably the phoniest, most snide manager ever to be associated with either club. The comical thing is that even now there's a core of their support who see him as 'dignified'. He must be pissing himself laughing at the mugs with their banners and demos in his support. In fact, that's been one silver lining to his tenure: he's split their fan base into opposing camps. They fight a civil war in ale houses and in the media trying to outpoint each other whilst the self-serving smug waiter coins it in at all their expense in return for delivering the biggest load of [Poor language removed] I've ever seen from that club on the pitch.

It takes a genius of sorts to pull that one off, I suppose.

You might not be able to remember them but they happened. As for the consequences of those revolts: investment is what you make of it I suppose. If you employ the wrong people to spend it then you end up in the [Poor language removed] like Liverpool under Benitez.

Benitez looks down and out and defeated. It's priceless to see that sort of thing. One snide cnut of a man, that is. It's going to be great seeing him getting torn apart part by the same phonies who've been idolising him for years. He should call Houllier up now and ask him how to deal with the bullets in the post.

That's what happens when you give a chimpanzee a keyboard.

FFS, the plagiarising hack has just about surpassed himself there. Benitez.

Keep putting your finger on the pulse of Evertonians "Prenno".


I bet the FSW says they were in "con-trol".

Have some of that you weird cnut.


FFS, you just knew that arsehole would trot out the 'financial constraints' line when he was found out...again.

The biggest shithouse of a manager of all time.

Take responsibility FSW, you complete ******* fraud.

Ranieri and Benitez aren't top managers. They've been sacked nearly every place they've gone.

Benitez is good for them. He's ultra negative and limits the natural actions of their Lemming DNA to go over the cliff.

While we're on the subject of ex-Liverpool bosses - going to lob the Brendan Rodgers hand grenade in here. Obviously an utter quilt of a man, but in terms of his football approach and CV I think if he didn't have his LFC associations he'd be figuring highly on any new managerial list. That's not me saying I want him, but I'd rather have him than that boring get Benitez any day.

Managers are different. They are the standard bearers. The club's official face to the world.

Would you want that to be an ex Liverpool manager who knowingly insulted us as "small"?

He fails on two counts.

I;d have Benitez over Moyes. That's how much I dont want Moyes back.

It's a big no from me.

We need to wrap the Nuno deal up ASAP.

I dont want Benitez, but it seems that the logic behind going for him is in that wider struggle outlined.

I dont like Benitez and I dont want him here. But to believe puny pressure from social media does anything is folly.

Could have had NES but we'll end up with FSW.

Well done moaners.

Get Nuno in now before that lot hire FSW.


Player Valuation: £40m
You had to google Steve though didn't yer lol lol lol
Once I re-read his name, I knew he was part of the medical/fitness team as think he was on one of the team photos or something many years ago. Did Google to find out what he specifically did though 😂

I did Google shani as well. He now plays for Zurich u21s as a 26 year old.


Formerly known as By God I'm Blue
I suggest you do some more research. Begovic was the only player Brands brought to the club in the summer. Gray was 100% Rafas signing.

Go and read Rafas interview in which he clearly states that he had been following his career over the last 4 years. Was regularly in touch with his agent and was texting him whilst in Germany. Brands may have been scouting Germany, but Gray was all Rafael.
Why are you masquerading as an Everton fan mate? What’s actually going on here? Your obsession with Benitez is nearly as disturbing as Daves with Martinez.
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