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I see the GOT usual suspects are out to get you .'..you are in that club ....
You cannot even drown your sorrows now down the pub ......
Covid is a nasty bug
Time to get your garden dug ......
Happy birthday mate.

Are you joining with the rest of the Scousers in Faliraki and going large lol
lol His missus Maggie did Borderline by Madonna.I had to go the bogs for a fake slash lol lol
Happy Birthday to my favourite baldy headed owl loving nutter in the whole damn world.
Have an absolute blast you throbbing hunk of man love.
Hugs Kisses and vigorous finger blastings to you good Sir.
Have a splendiferous day pal x♡x♡x♡x
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Well thank you kind sir lol Boxed clever tonight,told the bloke to order me a beef chow mein............ then decided I wanted a soup ( I didn't) Both arrived ............. and they were a present from him lol Should of done ribs FFS lol Love yer kid xxxxx
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