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  • Glasshalffull
    Considering their predicament and other teams interest in Antonee Robinson, wouldn’t it be wise of us to do a Barca and buy him back tfir a knockdown fee to sell him for more to the highest bidder the week after. Or just buy him and keep him?
  • MKS
    MKS replied to the thread Culture:.
    The point of a team is to win but a football club serves a bigger purpose than winning. Clubs are about the community. That’s why people go the pub before/after matches. Why you put in the effort to attend matches instead of watching on tv. Why...
  • Dymak
    Dymak replied to the thread Culture:.
    When your own supporters start associating the name of your club with instances of failure and disappointment (“Everton That”) then it’s fair to say that there is not a winning culture in place at Everton. Our culture is one of a ‘family club’...
  • Argentina Racing
    Argentina Racing reacted to alan ball's post in the thread Old Everton Pictures with Like Like.
  • Rook
    i don't remember mentioning Lamptey. However when a club like Brighton is on I'm usually bored and start falling in love w/ players to pretend to keep interest in the match. Once after watching him for all of 10 minutes I thought Aaron Mooy was...
  • Vintage
    Vintage reacted to blueblue's post in the thread Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020 with Like Like.
    Signing versatile players has been part of our problem. They are adequate in a few positions without excelling in any.
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