Fellaini update

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That link is [Poor language removed]. Basically they've just read this thread and made an article out of it. Bad whoppers. Journalists suck giant donkey balls.


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Yep. On the BBC live text:

David Moyes said:
Confidence plays a big part in football and we go into this one with a lot of confidence, but we must be careful too. As for Marouane Fellaini, he has a very serious injury and needs an operation. It's the same as Robin van Persie's, so he will be out for six months.


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Bit of a nonsense thread this.

He hasn't been sent down to the specialist yet because of the swelling, and I saw him extend and contract the foot on the pitch with his boot off.

so definitely NOT a ligament rupture.

He only couldn't put weight on it. so at the most will be a tear which is a month to 6 weeks out, and he'd of gone to see the specialist to see if there was any way of speeding up his return

you always get these bullshit stories going round.
Can't wait for your GROVELLING apology for this dross you posted.


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That answers my question about when Rodwell or Coleman will get a game. Moysie will just wait until Hibbo's fit and then put him at right back and Nev in midfield though. :p

We're playing some nice, patient football tonight. I wish that Bainesy would play the first time ball down the wing when it's on though, rather than running inside with it.
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