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  • I don't have too, my knowledge is that vast that I can control everything and stop the bullets actually coming anywhere near me.

    I'm that good, The One, like Neo, the real Neo.
    I'm being serious, I saw what you did. It wasn't big or clever.

    Me and Ghost will be taking this up with the mods, it's just not on to be honest.
    Back in the day a few games had issues with ATi cards. Not as many these days to be honest, I doubt you would have any problems.

    Theres always overclockers, or Dell, but your looking at paying a little bit more. Or even ginger6, but that last is cash only.

    It looks like Mesh are doing Ati Cards only, when I got mine you could choose. I choose Nvidia cos I loves em.
    Is that the same PC lol?

    I couldnt recall what 1 I had gave you. Im not really an AMD ATI person myself, im more of a Intel Nvdia kinda guy. But looks a decent bit of kit to me that, will feed all your gaming needs for the next 3 years or so anyway. Well unless Directx11 gets really big, which I cant see.
    -Socket Surge Protection

    Complete 12 Month BullGuard Internet Security License (3 User Edition)


    **** them right off.
    I had it all Summer mate, I just ignore it now.

    Wish I could be smug and happy about being right, but I cant.

    How much did you wanna spend? You need full system? I personally think your best of buying the base unit from somewhere and than maybe picking up a monitor, mouse and keyboard from somewhere else, but if you want it all on the drip that wouldnt be ez.

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