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  • Ah, maybe it won't work then.

    And yeah, there's text messaging on live, so we can always use that, just its a bit slow, and ill be using pure txt spk la so its quicker.
    Yes text messages, I mean once I plug the Xbox in, ive no net on my PC, like you, so can we discuss what we are doing, I presume these text messages will do the trick. Headsets plusg into the controller? Its got 2 wires, its for a PC, mic and speakers.
    Ok mate, but my name aint frigging Jon.

    And yeah im gonna have that same problem, will be about 8-9ish when the bin lids have gone bed.
    Add me to Xbox live lerd. Will be on later when the kids are in bed.

    joncooklfc I KNOW I KNOW, clearly not mine.
    Ok, 1 last question, is the xbox live transferable, I mean say I buy a year and he steals his xbox back, can he use it then?
    Feck, well I aint buying a new headset, screw that. Trying to find out what Xbox hes got, but hes prbs out doin the Uni gay stuff.

    Im gonna buy Cod6 on the PC, cos me and my nerd mates will play it on that. Not really into shooting games with a controller, you need mouse and KB for FPS.

    So if its not a 360 im screwed? Gayness.
    Well, ive spotted the game and xbox live in my catologue, its a bit dearer, but I can spread the cost, bad tramp at the moment you see, but if Im gonna buy a game, might as well buy 2, what else can you suggest, also ive got a headset which I use for my PC, I take the xbox headset slot thingy is just a normal 2 wires thingy? Or is it 1 wire? Or rather 1 hole.

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