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  • Really? Have you ordered it? If I looked really hard might be able to pick you up a better 1.

    Where you getting it from? MECH on the drip? I got mine from there, cant fault em lid.

    Back later, playing Cod4! Clanwars!! You can join my clan mate.
    Imagine being a yarddog like Fellaini or someone, it would be so [Poor language removed].
    Oh, well I like Davey boy and dislike the kopite mucho.

    I got 40 points for calling him a murderering scum or something.

    I was grassed up brother, im gonna cut that snake slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.
    Yeah mate, I do that shizzle, the comp players tackle much better and they hardly give away fouls, where as Fellaini is a clumsy cant and he is always giving away fouls!!

    Its hard as Everton, cos they only play 1 upfront, you need lost of attackers and our players arent the best really, it a shame, but some people are so hard to break down, im getting there, might be a challenge for u when u come back, maybe.......
    Im well Ace at Fifa now lid, well, im better, I can defend, just cant score, gutted here. Its still so hard to go past peoples.
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