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  • Don't make me start calling ya' GhostOfCabby, I'll have to perform an exorcism up in this m' back now or what? No f'kin clue what's goin' on here...!!
    Darlin' , Im AMAZED its allowed me to come here ... Im in GOT LIMBO !!! I uny want some Personal Bits & ILL LEAVE YOUR FORUM WELL ALONE ... Honest !!! Im stuck !!! Cant leave , cant Log On ...
    A Paranoid Man would think its something , but not me ....
    So , No . Sorry , Chick ... X
    OK , just to save any more PM's to that effect ...

    I HAVE LEFT G.O.T. .. Thus , won't be Posting / Visiting ..

    Yous now know from Me ...

    Nice one . look after Yourselves ..

    Come on the 'ton !!!
    Hey, your inbox is full! Ok, if possible it would be two tickets :) Let me know if that's ok and what your a/c details are and how I can meet you / whoever has the tickets :)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help :)

    Near the front would be perfect. Had tickets near the front at West Ham last season, and it was great.

    Cheers mate.
    First of all, sorry I seemingly missed your birthday. Was out yesterday. Still, a happy belated one mate.

    Any news on the tickets? Please ask her to send them to my home address this time. My cockney mate won't be at Blackburn this time.
    Theres a special on at Western Transfer or something, $7.50 to send money anywhere...if I didn't have to move at the moment I'd be flush...bear with it mate, we'll get there!

    Close your account here? WTF mate, what's going down?
    Sorry for the late reply David. Have been out for the whole day yesterday. How much are the Blackburn tickets? Will make sure I transfer the money into your account this weekend.

    Soz on the late reply mate. Been away as you enjoying some fambo time. You referring to the post between me and Chico? If so it was some clown of a newbee who had lost the plot and got himself banned in the end. Me and Chico was gutted cos he was on the verge of breakdown. How r u anyway xx

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