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  • Hey ho! Have you founded those boss photoshops of yours? Where peeps have to find their avatars from it? If not maybe you could do new one - i hope you're not a lazy thundercunt. X
    Great advice mate, thanks. I do feel like I can take on any role asked of me, I feel like I can adapt and get myself into character quite easy. I think the mindset I have, if you told me to play a certain character, within seconds I will have convinced myself I'm really that person. I've never done an audition for a role, last night I was watching audition videos and getting a better idea about it. I just need a lot of practice as you suggested. I'm not the type of person to overact either, I feel like I can pull it off like its natural. I understand there'll be a lot of rejection but I can dust myself down and go for the next one. What would you say is a good way to learn lines? I need to do something to get other people's opinions also.

    Hi mate, yea I'm serious about acting and performing arts. I haven't done anything for over 10 years and I'm basically starting from scratch. I'm willing to learn and will be happy to hear your advice. I wish I picked it up sooner but I suppose it's not too late. Are you in the business yourself?

    Can you still access the forum supporters area? Its because you havent paid to subscribe and have a joint membership of that makes sense.
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