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Allardyce Out
I still want him gone. I think I have a longer memory than a lot of people here. I'm not dead set against him at all, but he has been terrible the vast majority of this season and made some very questionable calls during it.

That said, it's making me less angry at the prospect of him fluking another season with results and performances like that. It'd be churlish to not say that was a very good win.


Player Valuation: £70m
Everton have won their last two Premier League games against ‘big six’ opponents – as many as in their previous 41 league games against them (W2 D14 L25).

Everton have won three consecutive Premier League matches without conceding a goal for the first time since January 2017.


(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
They just look arsed now.

Weird how it's picked up again.

Must like the weather a bit warmer or something.

Long may it continue.
He's found his set 11, Richarlison on the right Bernard on the left etc, Starting to look like an actual team now and they all know the jobs they have to do.


Allardyce Out
They just look arsed now.

Weird how it's picked up again.

Must like the weather a bit warmer or something.

Long may it continue.
No it's the pressure being off. The players are cowards when it matters.

"Unlikely to get Europe, already got 40 points - boss, let's play now!"

Tommy F

Player Valuation: £500k
at last you've admitted weve hired a dud in silva
It would take some doing to find a replacement thats as crap is as Silva. Even Allerdyce wasn't as crap as Silva is.

If Watford can upgrade on Silva, then so can we. Continuing with the crappest manager in the league would be the board's worst decision yet!
he cant
all he has proven is that he can not beat any team in the TOP HALF .. not top 4 , not 6 , top half lad
So what you are saying is that our board are so incompetent that they are incapable of following Watford's lead, and upgrading on the crappest manager in the league.
Yes, they have made mistakes, but they are capable of finding better than Marco Silva and his sustained relegation form.
I don’t believe an individual who can’t setup a defence will suddenly change and alter his belief.
Mate we are about 9 points from the relegation spots. If you was a bank would you honestly give us £350 million based on our last two seasons?
Absolutely zero chance of us getting funding in the championship and I imagine most wont touch us with a bargepole if we continue to slide further down the table. We are not the safe investment we should be and thats down to the current clueless tit of a manager we have.
There is no case to be made to keep Silva as manager.
And to think there are truck loads of people on here who will want to keep him, absolute mutants.
Why not though? He’s clearly not up to it.
I really don't understand any reason behind people wanting to give him more time. He's shown absolutely zero long term continuous improvement
The next five games could see him gone. Can't see many points and three thorough hiding's at home.
Should have been sacked a long time ago now. It's dragging out the inevitable - Moshiri has to act in the summer at the very least, and I hope they've been making plans for at least a month now for a replacement.
Any one been taking names, any one from above (or similiar) from less than 1 month ago prepare to revise their marvellous all knowing football insight

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