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    2017/18 Davy Klaassen

    I remember Arteta arriving and he was pretty underwhelming for the first six months.
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    Starting 11 vs Stoke as it stands

    Surely it's Sandroo?
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    Phil Neville warns football.

    Sorry, never seen the point of Phil Neville.
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    Everton finances and transfer kitties......

    Surely that's lolly
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    Man City v Everton. 15th Oct at 1500.

    Cleverly will make us more solid in the middle and he's better at winning the ball. Then we can use Gerry, Bolasie and Rom on the break to get the goals. Wow after seeing their team it's clear Pep is looking to give us a hiding in this game. Hopefully his over confidence will be their undoing...
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    Transfer Window Thread

    No, I am Nauseus
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    In Light of Today's Guardian article

    He's not the Moyesiah, he's a very naughty boy
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    Coldest ground in England

    Hartlepool's ground in January, with a northerly wind coming in off the sea, has got to be the coldest place to play and watch football in England
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    Christian Bolaños

    As long as he's not a mirror image of a certain Russian Billy now plying his trade with Spartak Moscow I'm not too bothered.
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    When did it go wrong ?

    20th December 1878
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    Schrodingers Katwright

    I think the dead cat bounce is probably the better analogy here, alas!
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    Donovan back in Jan?

    Is this some sort of S&M club I've not heard of?
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    Points Prediction Next 5 Prem. Games

    We played well against the Sky five last year and we have good records against City and Chelski in recent years and the RS are there for the taking so I'm going positive: 1pt City away, home win against the RS, away pt against Chelski and a last minute 1-0 win at Fulham. Nothing against United...
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    Whats next?

    Ground share in Vina del Mar?
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    Michael Bradley

    Tidy but very little else. That said, seemed to give the ball away against Ingerland, but then again, so did everyone else on both sides.
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