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    Match Thread Spurs v Everton Sat 17:30

    Only as strong as our weakest player. Few of them out there tonight!
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    Ross Barkley - Thanks, and goodbye.

    Now you’ve said it, it reads that way doesn’t it? Definitely shady, and I can’t for one see Ross agreeing to that. Snake for an agent.
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    Ross Barkley - Thanks, and goodbye.

    I won’t sign unless you promise to keep my mate John Stones?! Did they have the same agent in July 2016? Koeman arrives in December 2016 and Barkley’s mind has already been made up it appears. Hopefully gives less credence to any notion that the club could have kept him or that he was hounded...
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    Sam Allardyce

    Came in to arrest a seemingly doomed side with terrible morale, no confidence and no knowledge of the lost art of defending. He’s done that. Has he done more? Maybe some sexy free flowing football? Nah, he hasn’t. Did I expect him to? Nah, mostly because I’m not an idiot. He’s given us the...
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    Snap Poll - Big Sam

    NEA anymore. Allardyce is the plum those players deserve. They’ve seen off a succession of managers and now they’re getting their just deserts. We’ve had some unfashionable players in the Premier League era - Gough, Stubbs, Weir, Carsley, Pembridge, Watson et al - but this current bunch might...
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    Steve Walsh - no longer our Director of Football

    Fair point. If some Evertonians had their way then Walsh would be a 'short term' employee too :lol:
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    Steve Walsh - no longer our Director of Football

    If it’s going to cause a conflict then bin off the Director of Football. Plenty of top managers get by perfectly fine without one. Every manager makes duff buys, every single one of them. Unless you’ve got a manager and DoF in perfect harmony then it’s going to cause grief.
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    David Unsworth - Temporary Manager

    The team he’s got in place with him is the beating heart of the club and surely raises a smile to every Evertonian. We’d all love them to do well but I fear it’s merely wishful thinking. One things for sure, they’ll have the backing of 3000 blues tomorrow night, buoyed on by the sight of ‘Dogs...
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    Ronald Koeman discussion

    He does go, then I think whoever comes in for the Chelsea game won’t have any expectation placed on them. For me at least.
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    Ronald Koeman discussion

    His changes - players and tactics - haven’t worked for him. He hasn’t been able to solve this himself. I don’t believe we are a ‘striker away’ from success. A new manager will have an opportunity to hammer the reset button and start anew. If that hasn’t worked by summer, then this squad stinks...
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    Match Thread Everton vs Lyon 19 October, 20:05

    Better movement up front with Mirallas. It’s not always working, but it’s looking much livelier than the usual rubbish. Davies showing that he shouldn’t be dropped at the weekend.
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    2017/18 Morgan Schneiderlin

    Poor bloke is being asked to play like something of a playmaker from deep - which he doesn't appear to be comfortable with since the 5 dopes in front of him don't make any runs off the ball. His passing range isn't brilliant anyway.
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    Homepage Update: Farhad Moshiri: Ronald Koeman Statement

    I read it as “Burnley is the only blip so don’t panic just yet” Which disguises a dreadful 2 months of football.
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    2017/18 Idrissa Gueye

    He’s at his best in a midfield 3 as a pressing player / ball winner. Ideally with a deeper player to recycle possession (what Schneiderlin is supposed to be doing) and someone else to carry it forward like Tom Davies. His limited game was exposed today when he was required to do much more than...
  15. swisso

    2017/18 Ashley Williams

    There was no expectation at Swansea or Wales to perform consistently at a high level. He performed very well for both of them at times, but there was never an expectation; a demand to play well. He's come here where we expect him to perform and he's folding under pressure making costly errors...
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