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    Matthew Harding had been investing money into Chelsea for a few years before Abramovich came on the sene. When he passed away Abramovich bought in.
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    Before Moshiri's arrival we were heading aimlessly toward the bottom half of the table and despite how poor the team has performed we have recovered somewhat in terms of league position. He can be held accountable for appointing Silva who had nothing on his CV to suggest he could get us back to...
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    And how has Moshiri been responsible for robbing us of our identity in his 4 years here? We've had years under Kenwright saying we couldn't compete with the big 4 as it was then. We have a tradition since the early 90s of bringing players through our youth system only for them to find their...
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    What is our identity exactly, and how has Moshiri robbed us of in his 4 years in charge? I`m not impressed with how much money has been wasted on players and sacking managers since he has taken over, but wouldn't go as far as saying he's an utter bellend or an embarrassment for the club...
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    I`d like to see one or two younger lads get run out in the games remaining this season. The best way to see if they have what it takes to play at premier league level is to give them a run in the games we have left. We won`t see if they`re up to that level by just having them taking a seat on...
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    There seems to be no link between the U23s and the first team squad. You`d think that guys who aren't able to play for the first team should be getting a run out for the U23s just to be at least keeping them somewhat match ready. Promoting guys from the U23s to the first team just to fill a...
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    I don't know why a lot of people think its such a terrible competition to play in. I agree that the CL losers taking part degrades the competition and should be stopped. Playing on Thursday gives it more coverage than it would get if played on a champions league night, and also means that fans...
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    I think he was talking about Southampton not Stoke.
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    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Totally agree that Europa League is used to excuse poor league performances. It should be used by us as a stepping stone towards competing in the champions league, which is what we are being told that we are aiming for. Spurs benefitted from constantly qualifying for Europa League for several...
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    2019/20 Seamus Coleman

    Its very frustrating that we have never been able to have good quality players to take over from players like Coleman and Baines before they got to the stage where it showed that they were past it at the top level. Colemans bad injury hastened his decline, but top clubs move players on before...
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    Everton in turmoil.

    Sounds like we are turning into Newcastle.
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    Our away record in numbers..

    It's not just the top clubs we can't beat away from home either. I think we haven't won at Brighton or Bournemouth since they were promoted in the league.
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Every Saturday watching the results come in on Sky, fairly regularly goals are scored in league one and two by players that were at some time in our under age set up. The last player that came through from our youth set up and get playing in the first team is Tom Davies. Before him the last one...
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    Given up

    Yesterday wasn't a surprise to me. When I started following the footie there were teams in the first Division like Southampton, Norwich, QPR, Coventry, that were never going to finish in the top half, never got relegated but could get a result against one of the title chasers. People would say...
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    This is my lowest point in supporting Everton

    When we got them in the draw back in December I knew this was another third round exit. The last couple of seasons have been so demoralising. For years under Moyes we thought if only we had cash to buy players we'd be back at the top of challenging for trophies every season but when the cash...
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