2018/19 Seamus Coleman

Big Fat Sam

Player Valuation: £70m
Walcott has really impacted Coleman. He hugs the touchline, trotts (not tracks) back and is an all-round awful player. Let see if Richarlison can make the right wing position this own.

Get in a another right-back and left-back regardless. Look at how useful having 4 quality full-backs does for Spurs.
Baines is fine for next season as backup left back. Much more pressing areas to fill! Agree on a right back though. ;)

Also yes, Walnut is pure cack.

Big Fat Sam

Player Valuation: £70m
Yep, more and im leaning towards giving Baines another year, on vastly reduced wages of course.

Suppose it depends on what other offers he has.
Aye. I think he will have offers from Premier League teams to prolong his stay as a starter in the division. Could be down to whether he wants to up sticks and move away from Liverpool. If he wants to stay local I am sure Burnley would take him.

I'd be more than happy to see him stay and finish his career with us for one to two seasons. Can't imagine him being the type fo want to play in the MLS.

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