2018/19 Seamus Coleman

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Please don't call me "Mickey" lar
And also, what's wrong with Coleman hanging back whilst the winger puts the crosses in?

The primary function for a right back is to defend first and foremost

This is a big problem of the modern game, right backs and left backs aren't treated like defenders anymore, but more like bastardised wingers


Reading the interview quoted in the Echo made me realise more than ever what an amazing asset he has been to the club. I love him and wish his delivery or a ball improves next season!

Talk about taking things out of context i was referring to the above quote

Do you really expect Coleman to start improving his delivery at this stage in his career??


Player Valuation: £70m
There was a great quote from Seamus after the match against the Danes where he was asked about what the Danish manager and players had been saying about Ireland, about how Shane Duffy was our only threat and that was all Denmark had to worry about. He responded by saying they must not have worked very hard on it.
Not open for further replies.

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