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  • Didnt somebody shout for a Doctor in the house and the audience supposed it was part of the act. The curtains had been drawn and he had a heart attack on stage, but out of public gaze if memory serves right.
    I was actually watching his performance when he died I think... it's kinda surreal... I remember watching it but I can't recall if it was live or a news report... i'm convinced I was watching it as the crowd ere laughing and thinking it was part of the show... if it was the news it wold have been a bit censored I think... I was young at the time but it's very vivid in my mind. someting you don't forget I suppose...watching a man die.
    I've only seen him in short bits to be honest..... but .... his comic timing was beautiful.... I'm a saddo when it comes to comedians I like... I study them and see how they do different things.... Ronnie Barker was the pinnacle .... late seventies through the eighties were absolute boss for comedy

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