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  • He rescued us at the time, that's for sure.

    The only ill feeling I have for him is the lack of respect he seems to have shown us in some of the things he has said to the press regarding various things.

    Other than that, I recognise the job he did here.
    How are you finding Moyes? Serious question, like, not a wind up. My brother in law is from Manchester and says he's the right man.
    No problem, as i said last night, you and Chico are valued members of GOT and other idiots (not naming names as there are plenty on here) are a waste of space and posts on here! x
    out THERE???

    you mean i have to go out THERE!!!!! and leave my laptop!!!

    *phones and cancels test!
    Evening Mither

    5 August mate word on the street is that King Eric is playing. Scholes is a ad a legend and contrary to popular belief is a United fan not an Oldham fan

    Whats the score with Danny Wellbeck mate is he going to the Toffees ???

    Love him mate its great to see young english players coming through again init Rodwells quality as well

    I think Jones is a great signing for us and hopefully Ashley Young as well

    Whats the crack with Moysey I cant see him going to Villa its hardly career progression is it

    Anyway stay in touch fella
    Brother Bobbins .. How goes it in the land of The Weaver , Brother ???

    Dude , when do yous play NY Cosmos - Scholes' Game ???

    Gonna do a thing for the website ...

    No stress like . When youre ready .. Young Ravel is FLYING there btw , an' Wellbeck wants to be a BLUE !!!

    Haha . ALL GOOD , Fratelli !!!

    Later , Kid .
    Thank You , Our Kid ..
    I NEEDED one for Me Book .. Me Mate WANTED one ..Thus ..
    Its coming together now , like .
    Uny been up 4 weeks ...
    Thank You , Bobbins ... Imminent OTHER Man Utd Article too ,...
    No problem mither

    Top website hows all that come about mate

    saved it to my favourites mate will be having a look now and then
    Cheers mate

    Didnt go tonight my mums birthday sold my ticket ( She brought me up supporting united)

    Invited her and my dad round to watch the match on TV chinese and a few beers

    A great night

    Hope you stuff blackburn at the weekend

    Bring on CITEH

    Well Happy

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