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    2018/19 James McCarthy

    You could pick a half decent 5 aside team from that lot.
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    Wigan Athletic v Everton(Wednesday 24 July 19:45)

    Steks in goal after his MOTM performance against Monaco.
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    AS Monaco v Everton (Friday 19 July 17:00)

    If there is a way to watch this, I will watch this. Got a night off work for once.
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    2018/19 Ademola Lookman

    This debate will soon be over. Hope he does well. Shame it never worked out here.
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    Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

    Everybody happy then.
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    Confirmed Signing Fabian Delph

    Thought the same thing as soon as the rumour broke. We are already trying to find a replacement. That's just how it is.
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    Henry Onyekuru

    If I bought a product I could not sell, I would get suspended or sacked.
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    2018/19 Kurt Zouma

    Kurt Zouma - moonlighting landlord.
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    The New Kit

    I liked that grey/white striped one we did way back when.
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    Sell to Buy

    Science says there is no such thing as coincidence. There are forces at work.
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    With “fans outside Merseyside” being a common insult to the reds, why are the scouser Everton fans thoughts on international Everton fans?

    Supported Everton since being old enough to know what football was. Never worried about what other people thought. Born in Kent, lived in north Manchester. When the success in the 80's came along, everybody knew I wasn't a bandwagon jumper. I was there before. It was a great age to be an...
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    2018/19 James McCarthy

    Looks like a Sunderland type player to me.
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    Andre Gomes Sweepstake

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    One for the older boys!!!

    Had Cottee never missed a penalty until he joined Everton and then missed a couple of important ones costing points?
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    We do not have many options of quality currently do we? Not many wanted Schnides ot Tom in that position. McCarthy is forotten. So without the Gomes signing we are somewhat light. With the signing I would throw into the ring that we still need another as Idrisa will not be around forever. Is he...