Everton Fanzines

“Is that the programme?”

As a fanbase, Everton fans are blessed and spoilt for choice for independent Evertonian fanzines.

No other club can boast three of such quality.

When Skies Are Grey

Running for an incredible 30 years, When Skies Are Grey is the longest standing Everton fanzine. Their aim is to ‘ provide an open forum for all Blues to write about the football club they love and we have attracting many contributors with many different and contrasting views’

The fanzine is many things: funny, serious, influential, crude, irreverent, sometimes cruel but always blue. We present the world through Evertonian eyes without compromise.

Inside WSAG’s pages you will find articles on the players, the management, the club, our history our tradition and the lengths we go to supporting the team. You will also find pieces on football in general, our rivalries and the things we do when we’re not going the match.

Since 2013, WSAG has been digital only. This means you can only view it on a tablet, a mobile or a PC. It’s still a magazine, it is still recognisably WSAG. But its bigger, brighter and better. There are more pages, more colour, more contributors and more issues.

You can pickup WSAG directly from Exact Editions, their digital printer here or directly from iTunes here.

The Black Watch

The Black Watch is an Everton fanzine established in 2017, edited and written by matchgoing Evertonians.

They usually publish issues every 4-6 weeks throughout the season. For any enquiries, visit: https://www.blackwatchzine.wordpress.com or email [email protected]


The new kids on the block.

The official line of ‘like an Everton fanzine…in a way’ tells you everything you need to know really. Is it a fanzine? Sort of. Is it Everton related? Again, sort of.

Their aim is to produce a fanzine for Everton fans that not only provides work from the best Everton writers about but also (more importantly) looks dead nice knocking around on your coffee table at home.

You can pickup a copy of TERN from their website here: https://www.ternzine.com/

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