Everton Records and Facts

Everton are pioneers in the footballing world, ceaselessly striving to be the best, and the first to accomplish new feats, while establishing new norms. The Nil Satis Nisi Optimum (“Nothing but the best is good enough”) motto could not be more appropriate.

Everton have always been at the forefront of new ideas. Did you know Everton were the first to wear numbers on our backs, the first to have a purpose-built football stadium, and the first go on an overseas tour?

Below is an extensive list of some of the significant landmarks that Everton Football Club has accomplished since its birth.

  • Founder members of the Football League.
  • Founder members of the Premier League.
  • First club to be presented with the League Championship Trophy.
  • First Club to present medals for winning the Championship.
  • First Club to stage an FA Cup Final.
  • First Club on Merseyside to win the FA Cup.
  • First Club to win a Championship on two different grounds.
  • First Club to build a purpose built football stadium.
  • First Club to boast all four sides of the stadium with double-decker stands.
  • First Club to boast a triple decker stand at a Football Stadium.
  • First Club to be visited by a reigning Monarch.
  • First Club to issue a weekly matchday programme.
  • First Club to wear shirts numbered 1-11.
  • First Club to employ a Coach / Manager.
  • First Club to have a church in it’s ground.
  • First Club to use football nets.
  • First Club to install Dug-outs.
  • First Club to install under-soil heating.
  • First Club to position floodlighting across stands instead of on Pylons.
  • First Club to win a European Penalty shoot-out.
  • First Club to play officially in Blue and White (1901).
  • First Club to go on an Overseas football tour.
  • First Club to play 3000 top flight matches.
  • First Club to achieve 5000 points in the League.
  • First Club to achieve 100 years in the Top Flight.
  • First and only club to have a player score 60 league goals in a season – Dixie Dean.
  • First English Club to have an England International striker win The Golden Boot at a World Cup (Gary Lineker).
  • First British Club to stage a World Cup Semi-Final.
  • First club to appear in a live, fully televised football match. The fixture was Arsenal versus Everton in 1936.
  • Everton were the first English club to complete five consecutive years of competing in European competitions – 1962/63-1966/67.
  • First Club to have a scoreboard half-time/full-time facility.

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