About Us

Grand Old Team prides itself on offering Everton fans a place for intelligent and respectful debate about the issues that matter to them, offering a feature-rich, moderated forum for our readers to share their own personal views on all things Everton FC related.

Our priority from day one has always remained the same – to endeavour to ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ in providing the very best place on the web for fans worldwide to congregate to discuss Everton Football Club.

Along the way, we’ve won countless awards for doing just that. We are regularly recognised as being the very best at what we do as ‘best forum’ in UK and World Football.

As a community we’ve also raised thousands of pounds for charity, from Lucas’ Legacy to Alder Hey, to pioneering work on mental health in our forum.

Fan Representation

We’re routinely asked by mainstream media if we will give the Everton perspective on a variety of issues – whether that’s to preview a football fixture, review a season, or whether the manager should be sacked. We decline such requests, advising the review of our platform for fan opinion, or to contact one of several fan channels or campaign groups.

Simply, it’s our belief that to ensure that the website is fully inclusive – Grand Old Team as a platform shouldn’t impose it’s own views. Grand Old Team doesn’t seek to directly represent, or speak on behalf of Evertonians. It’s not our place


What’s in a name?

The website derives its name of course, from the renowned Everton ‘GrandOldTeam’ song/fan chant;

GOTFlagIt’s a GrandOldTeam to play for,
It’s a GrandOldTeam to support,
And if you know your history,
It’s enough to make your heart go oooooooh…
We don’t care what the red side say,
What the heck do we care?
‘Cuz we only know that there’s going to be a show when the Everton boys are there

Time Line

5th February 2007 – Established as a forum.
13th September 2007 – Affiliation with ToffeeWeb.
5th February 2008 – 1 year old! 950 members accumulated 97,810 posts
5th February 2009 – 2 years old! 4,539 members accumulated 270,377 posts
5th February 2010 – 3 years old! 7,189 members accumulated 482,908 posts
9th January 2011 – Website launched!
5th February 2011 – 4 years old! 9,143 members accumulated 735,329 posts
22nd May 2011 – Double-Award Winning! GrandOldTeam won both the Readers Choice and Editors Choice awards for best English Premier League Club Forum.
25th July 2011 – New Crest! Unveiling of new crest
24th December 2011 – 1 million forum posts.
08th January 2012 – 10,000 twitter followers
5th February 2012 – 5 years old! 12,336 members accumulated 1,061,248 posts
07th March 2012 – 100,000 Facebook Fans
15th May 2012 – Double-Award Winning! GrandOldTeam won (and retained) both the Readers Choice and Editors Choice awards for best English Premier League Club Forum.
23rd July 2012 – 20,000 twitter followers
5th February 2013 – 6 years old! 16,925 members accumulated 1,697,112 posts
21st May 2013 – Award Winning! GrandOldTeam won (and retained) the Readers Choice award for best English Premier League Club Forum.
5th February 2014 – 7 years old! 22,553 members accumulated 2,472,667 posts
29th March 2014 – 40,000 twitter followers
15th May 2014 – 150,000 Facebook Fans
22nd May 2014 – Award Winning! GrandOldTeam awarded ‘Best Football Forum’ at the 2014 Football Blogging Awards.
5th February 2015 – 8 years old! 25,854 members accumulated 3,326,321 posts.

25th July 2015- GrandOldTeam iOS/Android launched. 26,817 downloads on day one, a top 10 downloaded app in the AppStore.
20th December 2015 – 50,000 twitter followers
5th February 2016 – 9 years old! 28,185 members accumulated 4,199,959 posts.
5th February 2017 – 10 years old! 30,911 members accumulated 5,202,869 posts.
5th February 2018 – 11 years old! Over 6,020,311 forum posts.
5th February 2019 – 12 years old! Over 6,774,485 forum posts.
9th May 2019 – Award Winning! GrandOldTeam recognised as the ‘Best Forum’ in world football at the prestigious Football Blogging Awards.
5th February 2023 – 16 years old! 49,560 members accumulated Over 10,153,085 forum posts.


GrandOldTeam is 100 per cent unofficial, completely independent, funded and managed by Everton fans for fellow Blues. GrandOldTeam is not affiliated to any other Everton FC related fans’ networks, websites or organisations. The views and opinions on GrandOldTeam in no way represent the views of Everton Football Club. Moreover, the views and opinions within the website are not always those of GrandOldTeam and should be attributed to the contributor.

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