After six months, 30,000 suggestions and 750 hours of illustrating hours…the Everton Mishmash is complete! Check out all the individual moments here.

We’re The Best In The League!

GrandOldTeam has done the double! We have won both the Readers Choice and Editors Choice awards for best English Premier League Club Forum.

A thorough review by an independent panel of the worlds leading football blog EPLTalk recognised and nominated GOT as the best Everton forum earlier in the month. We then went toe-to-toe with the best of the league – and won! – having gained a fair few of the total 72,000 votes that were cast by football supporters around the world!

We clinched the award just ahead of Liverpool´s Red and White Kop, while also beating Chelsea´s CFCnet and Man Utd´s RedCafe.

Reader´s Choice:

Introducing the Everton Mishmash!

GrandOldTeam, Everton (36%),
Red and White Kop, Liverpool (24%) and
CFCnet, Chelsea (10%).

Editor´s Choice:

Grand Old Team, Everton

Thank you to all who took the time to cast a vote for GrandOldTeam!

Everton Mishmash
The History of Everton Football Club In One Image