We’re The Best In The League!

GrandOldTeam has done the double! We have won both the Readers Choice and Editors Choice awards for best English Premier League Club Forum.

A thorough review by an independent panel of the worlds leading football blog EPLTalk recognised and nominated GOT as the best Everton forum earlier in the month. We then went toe-to-toe with the best of the league – and won! – having gained a fair few of the total 72,000 votes that were cast by football supporters around the world!

We clinched the award just ahead of Liverpool´s Red and White Kop, while also beating Chelsea´s CFCnet and Man Utd´s RedCafe.

Reader´s Choice:

GrandOldTeam, Everton (36%),
Red and White Kop, Liverpool (24%) and
CFCnet, Chelsea (10%).

Editor´s Choice:

Grand Old Team, Everton

Thank you to all who took the time to cast a vote for GrandOldTeam!

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