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Dan Tanner

Player Valuation: £10m
We all think we know how the general reaction is amongst fans because we know 30 or so fans that are against his appointment, I can’t see many overall being happy with his appointment but not to the point of them getting volatile and toxic over it like many are expecting from the off. I can understand the hardcore fans that travel to all away games being peed off over it and if results don’t go well early doors it may get messy....

Many I know personally are similar to myself, they’re unhappy but generally at the point of accepting because they’ve become accustomed to us being put through these situations every 18 months now and are beyond getting angry over it all.
30 or so... that's 200, maybe 300 in there.... I'm a mouthy idiot who chats to everyone and anyone I meet. I love a beer and was out watching the footie yesterday and probably spoke to 30 or 40 blues alone throughout the day, never mind reds who don't want it either. Everyone doesn't want it full stop.
I was chatting to a security guard as I past his work who I see at every game home and away who is buying his season ticket and his aways for him and his lad but isn't going to go till the FSW has buggered off.
People ARE angry!


Player Valuation: £8m
Bye then Everton

It's been an emotional 47 years loving you.
Today you took that love and stamped it into the ground. I have forgiven you many many times over the years for the crap you've put me through but I cant forgive you this. Dont know what im gonna fill the massive void in my life with but I know it wont be football.

Farewell and Godspeed
See you in August


Welcome back Wayne
the successful coaches of today seem to play a different brand than what was popular when Benitez made his name . There aren’t too many contemporaries around , the game evolves and changes and those that survive tend to grow with it . Some don’t and their career tends to slip down the leagues .

Like with players I’d much rather have a manager on his way up the mountain than his way down .

How is it a different brand. Faffing around at the back, passing backwards at every opportunity, creating sod all chances in a game. Barca did their tippy tippy and the RS would boot it forward. the emphasis between defend and attack has changed over the years but other than that what has changed ?......I do however agree with you regarding an up and coming manager.....


Player Valuation: £70m
Why??? They clearly don’t give a damn what we think

Well they do mate...

1. They could have built a cheaper easier stadium at Croxteth with no issues of UNESCO, getting complex fishing licences etc. but they listened to YOU how you wanted a top class stadium on the banks of the royal blue mersey at a higher cost.

2. They brought in Carlo Ancelotti who YOU wanted as the big name trophy manager.

Yes they have also made mistakes but they have never gone out with the intention of not trying to do well.

For anyone to turn their back on the club over this when a ball hasnt even been kicked yet and we dont know how well he's even going to do are in the wrong.

We're born not manufactured?


Player Valuation: £70m
To me any apology for those small club comments would be more a barometer of how serious he is when it comes to trying to establish a good rapport with the fan base

He made them years ago and at the time I almost found them funny because I saw it for what it was, a manager angry that he couldn't do anything to lay a glove on a team who put on a solid away performance, so he decided to make a comment to try and regain control of the narrative

It's standard behaviour, not just for him but most managers

Fair do's

However, he's now managing Everton and he's already a divisive appointment, so he needs a show of good faith IMO

Just apologise and make it look genuine. Write a book in 15 years and walk it back if you want to keep attending games at Anfield whilst in retirement if you want to. For right now, just do the right thing and show that you actually care about doing this job the right way

Deal with the issues and move on
I think Benitez would love nothing more than proving to Supporters everywhere but in particular those of Liverpool what a good manager he still is.
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