Bill Kenwright

Holding the club back and honestly thinks his presence is in the best interest of the club.

Thing is he is surrounded by yes men who won’t tell him otherwise, if Morshiri dies anything positive it’s to move Bill on kicking and screaming if necessary

Think Xi Jinping took lessons from Bill at some point...the similarities are uncanny.
No that's not quite what happened. Basically they wanted Kronke out because they felt he was being tight on recruitment. It was more the issue that they made some mistakes over a couple of seasons and had to play it tight to avoid FFP so didn't spend as the fans wanted. They have gone out and spent exactly as the fans wanted the last couple of seasons and look no moaning. The reason for Usmanov and Moshiri not being allowed into Arsenal properly was that their plan (long term) was to turn it into a circus with galacticos which is clearly not the Arsenal way and would never have been welcomed hence they were eased out of the club.
Ta la. So weve got the circus but no galacticos.

That's true, it will all come out over time. Once the dictator is removed and people can speak freely the floodgates will open.

I stand by it, he's the worst thing to happen to Everton since John Houlding increased the Anfield rent.
Is there anything about the Kings Dock and the £30m that was ring fenced? Or Destination Kirby or the Walton Hall smoke and mirrors every time the fans got angry? Or the fake £1m mortgage? Shutting down AGM’s when questioned about other operating costs? The safety certificate at the old lady only having so many years left but it’s still “safe”. I could go on about boys pen bill who NO ONE remembers - maybe he’s mixed that up and Uncle Cyril took him across the park to hear his favourite YNWA???
It’s in this about his shock at not playing YNWA


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