Bruce Wayne
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  • This is you lad. And I like it.

    Yes. Yes I am.
    Even though it is misspelt (due to earlier poker room unavailability) I am a huge fan.
    I saw him live 4 or 5 times. He was amazing.

    I would recommend a few live youtube things (try 'between the bars') but I suspect you have already seen them.

    Needless to say; Roman Candle, Either/Or & his eponymous album are the ones to have. Just in a
    case you were wondering.....
    Cheers mate - i dont know wheather to feel angry or sad at some on the analysis in that thread. Just another day on G.O.T. then!
    really no need to thank me mate stories like this make you realise just how lucky we are. credit to you for doing something and i will hope and pray for some miracle for your friend.
    No problem, wish it was more, but ive been credit crunched, all Kenwrongs fault!
    Hey Bruce,

    Good too see you around again. :D

    100,000 Vb's are being deposited into Wayne Enterprises lottery fund, for the quiz.

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