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May 25, 2018 at 1:58 PM
Feb 8, 2007
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Viewing thread The Great Summer Player Sale Bonanza!, May 25, 2018 at 1:58 PM
    1. Walter Ego
      Walter Ego
      Fpl had opened. :)
    2. bizzaro
      Villa Villa Villa Villa
      At least we're not Villa!
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      2. bizzaro
        Private conversation between myself and the good man Neiler. Kindly keep you snidernose out. Thanks.
        Apr 18, 2016
      3. the sniderman
        the sniderman
        it is not private if it is on a profile you jerk. there is a function called PRIVATE message for that. i have capitalized the important word.
        Apr 19, 2016
      4. bizzaro
        Snidernose putting his nose in where its not wanted. Villa! Villa! Villa! Villa! At least we're not Villa!
        Apr 19, 2016
    3. Groucho
      About second from bottom. All good fun.
      1. chicoazul
        Jun 10, 2015
    4. Groucho
      My team in the fantasy football was crap this year :)

      Roll on next season
      1. Neiler
        Ha where did you finish mate! Think I,finished in the top 50 of the Got league!
        Jun 7, 2015
      2. chicoazul
        Jun 10, 2015
    5. bizzaro
      FFP mate. FFP.
    6. Walter Ego
      Walter Ego
      Have you got the lid league code mate. I've deleted myself accidentally.
    7. Walter Ego
      Walter Ego
      Here's a league for you. Go to allthingsfpl.com and sign up as a member, it's free. There's 2 leagues the first has manager of the month prizes, free bets with bet365. The other league has a £1000 prize for the winner. Keep it under your hat though. Btw if you go and win the thing I'll be expecting a kick back ffs!
      1. Neiler
        Whats all this if, Im going to nail it mate! You had a great year last year mate, im going to try to minimise transfers this year after my staregy of high transfers didnt come of early doors! Cheers for the link mat eill add them - kick back is all yours!

        The Lid League code is: Code to join this league: 6168-2611
        Jul 18, 2014
    8. Walter Ego
      Walter Ego
      Did you forget to press the wildcard button mate? Lol. Or is it a cunning plan?
    9. chicoazul
      Hahaha tar mate. I'm made up with the nice comments like, I've seen better online so surprised by them a bit.

      Hope you're well.
    10. milks
      Long, Defour, Wallace, Heinze, Hitzlsberger, McLean... Onuha

      few changes due to your lower sig Neiler. only 13 days to go and we can stop it all again until January
    11. thebluefox
      clear ye space for p.m
    12. chicoazul
      I hope you show clemency.

      Loving your recent work. Cal x
    13. chicoazul
    14. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Whatever .. He wants TO BE ME !!!

      Nice one , dude ..
    15. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Thanks , Mate .

      I DID NOT know .
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