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  • i`ve heard of flower mound- weird name for a town (no offence meant) but then again you are in the (great) lone star state
    What fun it was. I was actually at my grandparents house for the Bolton thrashing, and made it home to California in time for today's match. Watching it right now, actually (halftime). I started in Greenville, NC and ended up in Novato, CA. In all, it was 4,020 miles. I'd made the list of "soccer friendly" pubs, but never actually got to use it. Luckily, I wasn't "stranded" during any Blues matches!
    I've always loved the sport. About two years ago, I finally ponied up for the digital cable so I could actually watch some league games. The Blues always kind of stood out as a team I could follow. I read their history, loved it. Loved that the team was originally started by a Methodist minister (which is what my dad does). Also of note, I sit right near a Liverpool fan at work. The rivalry just came natural. Though his allegiance didn't really weigh into my decision, but it certainly solidified it. I love the Toffees more than any other team I root for, I think, because they're the only one I've rooted for without someone saying, "Man, you shoot root for this team. They're great." What about you?
    Hey, TX ... just joined. Rather glad to see I'm not the only American EFC fan on here, to be quite honest. Well met.

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