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  • Yes - for some they're a necessity. They've not been at that level for long but not many are happy with it.
    Yes mate, as soon as I can pick one up reasonably, I'll be getting a proper bike - couldn't refuse this one, it was practically given away.
    Not sure that's much use to me then. Needed to lost weight, got a 10sp mountain bike mainly for road cycling (budget dictated). Had a proper curly-handled racing bike when younger but never touched it after my mate got killed on his when we were 15. I loved that bike, then it got half-inched. After getting this new one (Dyna-Rod orange and everything) the weight is dropping off me and I'm feeling much more muscle tone.
    Started cycling lately. The wife made me download it but I haven't looked at it yet.
    Hi pal, that last rep was supposed to be about Nadal, but I knocked the button accidentally prior to completing my message so it just reads "Nada".

    Anyway, good choice on Nadal!
    Was that for the attack on liberalism or the condemnation of Boris ffs?!

    Hope you're well, and safe mate.
    Bruce. You're an Arcade Fire fan, so you may appreciate this. Go look in the ale house, best video's ever link I've posted. Enter your town and enjoy!
    Up and down as always mate. If it's not one thing, it's the other, but that's life, eh! Started playing footy again for the season and jesus I'm hurting today! Getting old mate! Family are great, my little girl is so cute and my missus is still doing what she does. Complaining mostly! Take care mate, all the best.

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