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  • I'm sure you'll do your best to console the lad on what will be a traumatic time for him....

    being turned down by me must be devastating how heartless of me.
    lol lol

    Now that you've let me onto your little secret you may need to make sure I don't go telling to the police.....50,000 V-Credits and a posh house in the Gotham countryside should do the trick. ;)
    ahhh. lol

    so, I can expect the reward money to be at the Gotham town hall with you shaking hands with the mayor after capturing another criminal.

    I bet your in with all of the "criminals of gotham" staged robberies....then you share the reward money whats the split like. 70-20?
    Has Batman turned to a life of crime now, running away with loot wont do your rep any good. lol
    The 100,000 prize money for Monty's next quiz has been donated for you to give to the winner ;)
    In two weeks this is our total environmental impact from our new recycling program! Cool eh? We have earned just over $20 in rebates so far!

    Morning Bruce. If I do another quiz would you be arbiter, I will of course let you have the answers. The idea being that unless the proper answer is given then the quiz rolls on, gives the lads something to do between matches.

    By the way you can't enter ha ha ha ha ha

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