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  • Dude you're so Cold War with your sea mines and I'm like cutting edge special ops with my ocean mines.

    Gonna stay downtown I think. Show the other half around. Drink some fine Canadian beer and terrorise some raccoons, hopefully. Is there anywhere worth driving that's not too far northwards? To experience some of that beautiful countryside you have.
    Your sea mine stock are falling apart mate, they're relics. It's ocean mines now, they're the daddy. Any top ultra wouldn't be seen without them. I mock your Tim Hortons and praise Starbucks.

    It's a pleasure/business weekend mate but looking forward to it. I've got across to Toronto a few times in the last year or two and enjoyed it. Lovely city, good people. Think I'm gonna do Niagra Falls on this visit too.
    I best qualify for free Tim Hortons lid, that's all I'm saying. Or Canada gets it.

    How's studies going?
    I seen that you'd recruited some lid from DC on here too, he said he'd met your dad.

    All good here, same old but with extra tittishness in the summer due to no transfers and all this Kenwright angst.

    I'm in Toronto for a weekend in September. It best not snow ffs.
    I've missed you sir. A small summary:

    * The UN banned the use of sea mines on electronic forums due to an unfortunate accident involving Libya and Moldova. As a result Moldova is only 28% of what it used to be.

    * Everton continue to play soccer in a very bi polar fashion.

    * Skinny jeans became fashionable.

    * We didn't sign Moutinho.

    * Canada got cold in the winter, 13 more Tim Hortons shops opened in your neighborhood.

    * Goat got so fat he couldn't type anymore.

    That's about it. How's things man?

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