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  • that 5-0 drubbing you gave me was just awful. lol
    but im starting to learn a few things , i only discovered half way though our second match i could change from attacking to defencive using the d pad.

    looking forward to the next match
    Mate: sheers for the positive. I can't respond with one for you because I left you one a while ago and I'm currently told to spread things around before doing so again!!.
    Hi mate

    Thanks for the message, I have in effect left this site,l health wise my bp goes through the roof when the [Poor language removed] teppic is about. Last week my nephew tried to get me posting again, he was threatened by teppic and got carded by Dylan for responding, enough is enough. If you want to chat blue please e-mail me, its lonely without a site
    What ever, use your imagination. A spot the ball would be brilliant, could run it for a week, you'd have to be careful as to how it operates mate but yes why not
    Hi Zero

    Do you fancy running a quiz using picture puzzles. It seems that the questions I'm asking are to hard or the members only go for things when there is a prize, I just want to try something new or we'll close the section
    That would be great but why not set the quiz yourself, just for the hell of it. I can go on inventing questions all day, the St Paddy's Day one was a belter but I can make them too hard so easier ones will get more people in
    Dear me this is Hippieville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    His mate, we have a quiz winner at long last, nearly six weeks, can't be bad.

    Do you want to sponsor again?

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