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  • Alright lad, listen lad it wasn't me, it was that fat Goat lad so just lay off alright?
    BDSM? It sounds ace.

    Nice cards you're playing with the opposite sex there, I'm going to try that [Poor language removed].

    LLAA, Ladies Love Ace Azul. They're getting older like, and it's killing me inside.
    Keep cracking mate, it will open up for you I'm sure.

    These birds, what about them? Nice Scandy types?

    BB stared him out, Goat was standing his ground but then BB ate his soul, it was like some Mortal Kombat moment screaming FINISH HIM and BB just devoured his soul while he was stood there watching.

    I miss the old Goat.

    How is life treating you, better news on the employment front?
    Hey we all do man, but we never lose the edge, when you lose the edge it's over.

    The boy got no edge. They say BB took his soul.
    He's been a broken man recently, a ghost of his former self.

    Tried to revamp his image after some forae wars and came out a [Poor language removed] cat.

    Not cool, not cool at all.
    He is last one out at night, screaming at everyone to turn all the lights off.

    Kenwright has an injunction on here.
    He's great isn't he?

    Best poster(s) on GOT by a country mile. Since you're not posting here anyway.

    It's all about the characters man.

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