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  • Communication breakdown, it's always the same.
    I'm having a nervous breakdown, you drive me insane.
    You came back and now you're on sabbatical again? You're missing some good conversation here. Plus, we Americans are taking over so you're needed back here just to balance things out. Take care.
    True, but it was the blatant ignorance shown by certain users that annoyed me. 'You should be more like neville, at least he's respectful', which I was too, but of course I'm a kopite...

    Anyway mate take care of yourself.
    Listen lad, where are you lad? That Faddy been giving you them crazy eyes again?

    I got your back lad.
    "that's Goat, that is. He's a pantomime villain."

    oh no he isn't

    Don't worry bout the Azzbot was quite amusing for a time
    A mate of mine spent some time in may have come across him...went by the name of Osama bin laidoff.....went into pantomines upon his thing that ever happened to him
    Plenty of sunshine, 3 square meals a day, nice orange jump suit...just a shame about the stress positions and the anal probes.....good to have you back tho mate
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