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    I have a confession to make...

    Hahahaha, Can I have the keys to your DeLorean please mate?
  2. zero

    Silva to be released

    What a epic headline. Shot-shy Everton see no need for Silva’s bullets Play him now Moyes ffs I wanna see some Silva bullets!
  3. zero

    Everton Launch investigation into email scandal

    So those e-mails are fake and Ian Ross has been suspended anyway? What the hell is going on?
  4. zero

    Saha to PSG

    I wouldn't blame him for wanting a move to a club that will actually provide him decent service.
  5. zero

    Rodwell and Baines tonight.

    Agree completely with this, if Rodwell could add more aggression into his game he could be a really top player. Sometimes though he seems quite comfortable being a passenger.
  6. zero

    Should we really blame Moyes?

    I'm glad he called them all ****ing useless.
  7. zero

    Forward Thinking?

    Hibbert Jagielka Heitinga Distin ? Or maybe even the 3 at the back option thats getting thrown about lately with Baines and Coleman as Wing backs.
  8. zero

    Del Piero

    He would be a decent impact sub I think, he would also make the money spent on him back in just pure shirt sales. I'd buy a Everton top with Del Piero on the back for sure.
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    Where's all the people laughing

    That's the Arteta money.
  10. zero

    Where's all the people laughing

    He wanted daft money and has dodgy knees. No brainer indeed.
  11. zero

    Pienaar to return?

    Saha and Heitinga on 60k a week, they'll be lucky to make 20 starts between them. It's like we're pissing money away...
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    Next player we should buy!

    David James James Bond James Collins James Brown James Baines James Morrison James McFadden, James McCarthy James McArthur James Beattie James Messi What a team.
  13. zero

    Everton and Man UTD comparison

    Comparing Everton too United is like comparing U2 too Cher Lloyd.
  14. zero

    Thomas McInerney

    RIP Thomas,
  15. zero

    Moyes on 5live..........

    I'll write his pre game speech against Norwich for him. "The game against Norwich will be a tough ask. They have been throwing money around like it's going out of fashion. It's going to be tough because I haven't got 2 pence to rub together. But we'll get on with it I don't like to dwell on...
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