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  • I click on your profile and it says Heatmeiser is following me. Aroused/excited/petrified all at the same time xoxox
    Wish you were here, why?

    Just religiously copy and pasted that Iink and played it.

    I'm on a lounger in the spa and had the volume on my phone.

    The only other couple present? A very black couple in their sixties. She tried to damage limitation by shushing me to turn it down ASAP.

    Not sure if they heard. They did didn't they?

    FML is the right term I believe.
    Hahaha, click on alerts and read all at the bottom or something.

    Rep is crap at the moment but the G-man gonna fix it so we can roll again.
    You have surpassed yourself here. I'm honestly agog. I've missed you. GOT is far too sterile in your absence.

    The worst part is that she's staying out today and I'll drink too much rum before that clicks in my head. Nice one.
    A redhead, eh? Nice! Sorry if anyone bugged ya' outside of here...it just dawned on me the other day that I hadn't seen you around and it said in your activity you hadn't posted in almost a month, confirming my observation, so I mentioned it. The loss of abstract humour, combined with comedic timing, was missed.

    I'm good, busy day ahead...turkey and shizz. Good to see you back...commence to link-bombing more threads!
    Oh hai, I dont watch tele bro.

    I play dotas "clone", lol, my mate played dota, said its hard as fck, so gave it a swerve.
    You're not face down in a gutter...this pleases me.

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