Sam Allardyce

So, what next?

  • IN. Give him a chance and see what he can do?

    Votes: 79 8.3%
  • OUT. Thanks but no thanks. See Ya?

    Votes: 758 79.5%
  • As ever. Cheese on Toast

    Votes: 23 2.4%
  • Er, I am a bit scared of us Evertoning this right up.

    Votes: 93 9.8%

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What an absolute joke of a team we have, in my sixty odd years of watching and supporting the team I have never seen an Everton side as bad as this one. They seem to have no idea ( I am really struggling to find the words to describe this lot ) except for maybe 3 or 4 players out of a squad of 30 something the rest look like crap, I do not know if their is a manager on this planet that could get this lot to play like a premiere team , and I am no fan of BFS, they cant even keep hold of the ball for more than 3 passes if that. And as for that Schneiderlin I would have him out the tomorrow, not to mention letting Lookman go to RP. God help us because no one else will.


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Another worry for is that Unsworth is potentially on his way, so can’t see BFS getting the push before the end of the season.

I don’t think Silva is the long term answer either, and the next manager needs to be a long term solution


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So how realistic is it that a new dof and manager are lined for the minute safety are guaranteed and we can give this disgrace 6 million


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We were 2 points from safety before he came in.

When did we become Newcastle? I thought Evertonians were sensibly minded?
Dunno mate, maybe we should just accept out level is losing all 4 by a combined score of 17-3 against the north London sides this season?

Is that too Barcodeish for you that I expect better?

By the way the Geordie and West Ham shouts where mildly amusing when @chicoazul did them, but you ain't chico :)
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