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Player Valuation: £70m
Hearing this has been put on the back burner because with the rate of increase to obesity we may have to make the seats twice as wide in 10 years time and funding half a billion pounds for a stadium that could only fit 25,000 people just isn’t viable.
At least we'd all float as the stadium collapsed into the Mersey. lol lol lol

15 pages to get back up to date with this thread. Honestly, I don't know if I can make it...


Player Valuation: £70m
That's before we even get to the apes taking over the planet. I'm not sure our new monkey overlords will understand fiscal responsibility and the requirement to keep up repayments.

Maybe they could have a higher death count in the Bramley Moore Thunder Dome to counter this ?

Maybe even introduce Ben - Hur chariot racing too.

Put the two together ... close your eyes and imagine once you have read the following ... M O N K E Y T E N N I S


Player Valuation: £70m
This is the RAWK response in a nutshell. I made a salient point about the impact that, y'know, bans from attending stadia may have on developments that will depend on stadium attendance, and then there's a mobbed response implying that I've claimed that there will never be any stadia built ever again.

Drink a shot time.


Player Valuation: £10m
I meant the enabling works, starting with knocking a hole in the Dock Wall.

Don't need any additional holes yet I'd have thought as there's two entrances already. On the plan I think dock draining and north/south sub-structure was to be done first although there are still events being advertised for the site into October. I'm presuming some or all of these will be moved to different venues.

Tipp blue

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
The funding bedwetting is rather amusing. I can get a £200k plus mortgage when I don't earn much and have no other equity apart from the thing I want the mortgage for, Moshi on his own is worth billions (at a conservative estimate) with a huge business portfolio who wants to borrow a few measly millions for a profitable long term business concern. I wonder which is the safer bet?
Moshiri is 300 million better off than this time last year,


Player Valuation: £35m

Can you explain why we have spent tens of millions and even bothered to apply for planning permission, given that we have "no idea" if fans will ever be allowed back into Stadiums?

I mean serious question, do you honestly expect there to be no fans in Stadiums for the next 3 years?

Looking at the next 3 years even is completely ridiculous. The investor will be looking at the next 20+ years. If there was any consideration of that being a risk, then buying a football ground will be the absolute least worry of a huge majority of property owner/investors.

A risk of the virus continuing will not even enter into the heads of the long term investors, certainly not those who are looking to invest in stadia. You could pick absolutely any outcome, from a plague of locusts, to a catastrophic flood, to El Nino producing winds that are so ferocious our stadium lifts up and parks itself on Anfield road, and say, well if that happens, nobody will be investing in stadia. The assumption that we will fail to get investment IF the virus remains at its current levels for the entire life of any loan term is a quite ridiculous worry to have.

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