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For saying he should lose some weight for the job?

I take it you weren't one of the blues singing "Fat Spanish Waiter" at derbies then, which the main Everton account even referenced for a laugh about 10 years ago?

Or is suggesting someone might need to lose some weight to be ready to do his job worse?

I'd love to here some clarity on what is or isn't fat shaming?

Or what is or isn't acceptable, as I've seen players take all sorts of stick, far worse than what I said to Benitez, but it's never even highlighted. People accused of being cowards. Of being lazy. Or being mentally weak. And that's at the polite end.

But to suggest someone is in decent shape and looks smart is beyond the pale? I don't understand at all, but we all have our opinions I suppose.

Not just for that but in general.
Youve called him deceitful. Manipulative. A poor human being.

Bet you've never met him yet your character assassination is like he's committed crimes against humanity.


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My fear here with this sign is that it's gone up outside some deaf fellas house and he's now too terrified to communicate



Player Valuation: £40m
For anyone who downplays it..

How would you feel if it was you?

Carlo got broken into and everyone decries it.
Benitez gets threatened and half aren't bothered.
This simply isn't true. That banner has been almost universally condemned. There are only two posters who approve of it and one of them is obviously a WUM account who will be banned shortly. To characterise half of the forum as downplaying it is seriously dishonest. Many people don't think it is a reason to support Benitez's appointment. That is not the same thing as supporting or downplaying the banner. It's disgusting. I still don't want Benitez as manager.

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m
I agree with the last part, but I'm not sure what the relevance is.

See a lot of that online these days.

"This bad thing that happened is bad and should be condemned"

"Yeah, but these bad (and often unrelated) things also happened!"


Jesus, I've even seen "yeah well, people being racist in the 80's was worse"... as if that's even remotely relevant

I don't think you were reading the last part correctly.

Someone said something akin to it being the worst thing we have ever done and someone else mentioned we had much worse going on in the 80's and 90's. That's not whataboutism (which your other examples are).


Player Valuation: £70m
Not just for that but in general.
Youve called him deceitful. Manipulative. A poor human being.

Bet you've never met him yet your character assassination is like he's committed crimes against humanity.

I find the way he acts around owners and breaks the collective responsibility in a football club manipulative, deceitful and indicative of a pretty poor human being. Simon Jordan has basically said he's a nightmare for owners and he wouldn't go near him for that reason.

This is a man who stoked the fire of LFC fans, when they ere sending death threats to the owners. I thought that was poor conduct yes. I thought how he treated Steve Heighway to be poor conduct.

You are entitled to disagree, but lets not make out someone having an opinion is wrong. I've also never said he's committed crimes against humanity, and to be honest to make out I have is completely out of order.


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Yes, overlook him. Go for someone less divisive. The alternative is not Benitez or impending doom.
But we'd never know they haven't tried.
Below him on the list it could have been Phil Neville and Neil Lennon territory.

Personally I don't think anyone in a job at the moment now would touch us with the way we have gone through managers since Moyes.


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It is a societal problem not a footballing one.

Football clubs exist within society. I will not be made to look like a joke for something another fan did the same way I would not be be a criminal if someone in my street broke the law.

We pigeonhole people far too easily these days. I guess that is what "the man" wants though.
You said it more eloquently than i could. Football is a social thing you are right. I was just trying to say that football or not, crime or not, in this case an undesirable manager isn't a reason to get so worked up. it shocks how bad some people take things.

Also, i agree mate. If an Everton fan is racist it doesn't mean we all are. I just hate the whole painting us all with the same brush thing the media and other people do. We are on the whole very decent people, everyone. yet one idiot hangs up a bed sheet and then it's "typical bitter blues". "Evertonians are a disgrace"

I, you and many countless others are neither bitter, disgraceful or whatever else we get labelled. Just annoys and baffles me the whole bloody thing
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