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George Green 15 year old prodigy signing

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Player Valuation: £50k
Just noticed this. Keeps in the mindset of grabbing starlets and hoping for the best.[/QUOTE]

At least it looks like we are building for the future because the here & now is looking bleak!


Player Valuation: £1m
I hope he comes good for us and makes it through to the first team! He sounds like a really exciting prospect after reading that article on the main page!


Player Valuation: £1m
Seems a real prospect according to the write-ups. We could be developing the best young midfield Manchester United has ever seen!


pyar sauced
Considering how tight we are on money, he really must have something about him.
I trust Moyes's judgement on young prospects. He's sculpted Tony Hibbert, Leon Osman, Rooney, Ross Barkley and Jack Rodwell (Dan Gosling, too I nearly forgot) and signed Magaye, Vellios, Fellaini.

I'll be happy if the next generation will come though as Hallum Hope, Conor McAleny, Shane Duffy, Aristotle Nsiala and George Green. The list goes on, of course.

Such bright prospects for the future. Premier Academy League title holders. Give it a few years and maybe we can remove the 'academy' from that phrase. We can dream.

FFS Vellios still isn't linked.
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its business. right from the bottom to the top, but i still fume when theres mention of selling our jewels


It's only £300K up front, with the rest add-ons and what not. £2 million is a bit sensationalised then.

However I'm quite excited. Another hot prospect to add to our academy. :)
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