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  • So this is were you like to lurk then cuz!

    Here I was 1 day following a link from a Lpool forum to see if the bloos were about to go into administration (hahaha) & I came across Tennessee Blue Mike from Knoxville ex Maghull! I thought it must be a coincidence until I saw Scouser1986 AKA Tha Scoopy on your list of friends :)

    Just wanted to say congratulations on the fact your about to become a grandaddy, tho be warned: me & Stephen have plans to turn your 1st grandchild into another Tennessee rednose like his Uncle. Congrats as well for Daniels University accolade I noticed on Facebook, bet your pleased as punch!

    I'd stick around & chat further but I prefer a pint of Guinness to bitter.
    Were due a chat soon Mike I'll ring soon. Give my love to everyone in Knoxville.
    Bri :)
    Congratulations Mike, health and happiness always mate.

    Hope your Christmas is a good one too fella.
    At present Mike it is taking me all my time to keep going. The hosp has brought her op forward a week but my daughter has arranged to go on holiday thinking she'd be at home when the op takes place. On top of that do you remember the avatar I used to have of a dog, our Polly, she is slowly dying of cancer, she's had chemo for the last 12 months and suddenly she come out of remission, the wife like me worship the little bitch........................she is likely to die when the wife is in hosp. WHile all that is going on I've got to arrange my cardiac rehab......................basically I'm ****ed mate. I'm going to disapppear again in a weeks time as I doubt if I'll have a moment to myself....................relatives and friends will be on the phone all the time wanting to know how Joyce is, quite honestly I'm close to telling them all to [Poor language removed] and give me some breathing space. hospital visits and all...I have never know a worse time in my life ever but I try and keep smiling
    Yea, I follow the NFL and the Titans are the team I follow. I went to St. Gregorys and I'm in Maricourt 6th form now. I'm in 19 Haigh Crescent in Lydiate, which is basically Maghull haha. Same here, hope we have a great season.

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