Everton Way plaques

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did one for my dad who was a season ticket holder for years and has passed away a few years back. nice thing to do and raises some money for the stadium/club

Just searched by inbox for Goodison Granites. They did indeed tell me which alphabetical section mine was in:

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I'd forgotten about that, because I found where it was on publicity pictures after Martinez stood next to it during the opening ceremony!
Same for me , probably the same photo Martinez is stood very near my granite.
Don't waste a precious plaque just to wind somebody up, plenty of people would love the chance to pay tribute to loved ones
I agree mate, for anyone spending the money on a plaque just as a wind up they should think again.
There are thousands who would love a plaque but just can't afford it. Maybe instead of the windup they could find a blue to give one too that would really appreciate it.
How could you not get one, got one for me and my arl man gone the game together since I was 10, just couldn't not put our names with all the other belter blues past and present!

For those that keep asking, I recall reading somewhere there will be around 13k stones made.

Nothing stopping them opening up more space somewhere if demand is there in the future I would presume. Doubt anyone will be missing out.

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