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  • Hello mate. Got your friend request. As you know I'm also in Crete and have now managed to get a permanent internet connection on my laptop from the hotel balcony. A barbecue by the pool tonight followed at 10pm (Greek time as you know) back up here hopefully to get a link to a stream so I can watch the game!
    I suspected that might be the case. My wife mentioned similar things about Japan and the inability of students there to see outside of their own worlds. The pressure, like you say, is born from society. So it's no surprise that the youngsters find dealing with certain types of pressure very difficult. I remember there was a lovely Japanese girl that stayed with us in Scotland. She told my wife about when she tried to find a flat in London and the creep that was letting it, kept touching her up. My wife said to her: You should have told him to fcuk off. The girl was taken aback and said: Christoffersen-san, I'm shocked, I could not say such words!

    Shame really, but then the flip side is that at least over there there still exists that ethic of respect for family and traditions. While it can stifle, I'm sure it also aids social life.
    The tragedy is that the things that a 17 year old kid finds just too much to bear often seem like a joke just a few years later. I suppose it's possible that she lacked the maturity to properly reflect on her problems. Or maybe this was part of a deeper pathology within her. Some people seem genetically disposed to depression. The good that come of it is it can at least give the students and teachers a chance to focus a little on how students can deal with the pressures they face.
    I know it'll be difficult mate but maybe angle your approach towards that? Stick up a picture of that girl, and use it as a reminder. Sure, good grades are good, but the most important thing in life is keeping yourself alive.
    You can never be sure what was behind such a catastrophe. Could be something at home, at school or just plain depression. Maybe the future just looked an unwelcoming place for her? My wife is a teacher with A level students (Danish equivalent) and I know how attached a teacher can get to the students. It is really one big family.

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