2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

the sniderman

Player Valuation: £40m
Mate we didn’t spend 40m on tuson or 18m on niasse . Winning the youth World Cup doesn’t really mean a lot as 90% of the players in the tournament will never be decent prem players and playing for their country at that level will be the height of their careers. Running around and giving 100% is selmthing every single prem footballer should do as a minimum. If I was given a start I would give 100% but I would still be dog tang. He offers no goal threat at all, I mean nothing. He hasn’t had a shot this season and scored no goals in the 13 starts he had at the back end of last season. Keane had 20 minutes and had two efforts on goal. People saying that DCL doesn’t get chances because of our midfield doesn’t really wash when Keane has two attempts in 20 mins playing in the same team. He’s not good enough and never will be so why play him? I mean I know we have to now because he’s one of basically two options but we should be moving him on while he’s still “ young” and hopefully some club will believe he is going to improve and spend 20m on him. If we keep him for 2-3 years and he’s still cack then nobody will pay decent money for him and we would have wasted 2-3 seasons struggling to score goals.
well done would read again buddy.

the sniderman

Player Valuation: £40m
That comment of mine was made in August and pre Ancelotti. At the time he was not very good. Now he looks better...
he was a young striker who u would have had rid from the club and compromised success. i can only hope u realise ur perception is badly flawed and learn from this buddy.

the sniderman

Player Valuation: £40m
I think we should see if he can develop his game this season, he's suddenly got better striking players around him in a team that should start to play more offensively. He's a grafter and just maybe he can start to make more of an impact, a little confidence could be the key. If not I guess he will move down a tier, but let's give him a chance for one more term.
well done buddy.

the sniderman

Player Valuation: £40m
Simple fact is, at what premier league club would he start?

After you realise it is no-one but Everton, which premier league club would he make the bench as their back up striker?

After you realise it is no-one but Everton, what they hell are we doing? He is 22, played 80 games, scored about 9 goals. He isnt a kid, he isn't a prospect, he is closing in on his full potential - which is low-level championship.

I have nothing against the lad, but I genuinely would rather have Straqularsi or Marcus Bent - that's how bad he is. Saying that 3 managers have picked him, they must see something in training. My theory is that he looks sound in training when no-one will tackle him or go in 100% and he is a terrified little Bambi when up against Premier League defenders going in tough on him.

Of the attributes a striker needs, is he better than 4/10 in ANY of them? Someone name me a stat is 5+/10 in, at premier league level.

Aguero - finishing 9
Callum Wilson - finishing 6
DCL - finishing 2
oh buddy

the sniderman

Player Valuation: £40m
I don't care what anyone says, for some reason I really want this guy to succeed. DCL is likeable and works hard and I just wish he would score a few to get that pressure of his back, and to get some confidence. I really hope as fans we are more patient than this, and give him some more time. Not everyone matures and makes it at 22, 23, even 25, and maybe he's just a late developer. IT's ok! We need more young players coming through our ranks and we need to be a club that doesn't only buy their way to success. We can't afford it. We know this lad is into social media , we know many players are, and i think we're ok giving unconditional support - it's not gonna spoil them or make them play badly? If we just support our players without question, the manager and DoF can decide whether they're good enough!
Might as well shut this forum down then... Imagine watching football and not having opinions on the players.
yes just imagine his reasonable approach was entirely correct and u looked a right bozo buddy.

Bruce Wayne

Player Valuation: £70m
Just saying that the English best goal scorer of the last 20 years had similar stats at his age. Indeed, if you look at the best English goal scorer today (Kane), at the same age he has 17 goals in 67 games, with all but 3 of those in the lower leagues. In the PL he had 3 goals in 15 games at DCL's age.

If our coach reckons the lad has talent and is worth sticking with, then maybe he's better placed (and equipped) to know than we are.
Proper Messiah me

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