2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £50k
How are fans having a go at him for saying he wanted to stay at Everton, to then take the Real offer?

The offer wasn’t there at that point. ZZ was still there.

What did you expect him to say? “I hate Everton and if Real come through I’m off”.

It’s the biggest job in world football.
Well Koeman managed it, and he isn't exactly the most diplomatic man


Player Valuation: £70m
Sorted, but the tea tastes funny now...



Player Valuation: £40m
Not been this down over news in a long while. For anyone that wanted him gone well I hope you’re happy now. The thought of what the club is gonna do now is anxiety inducing, I can’t see anything but a huge step down coming.
True. But it's clear he didn't really want to be here. If he did he would be staying. It runs through the whole club. From players to management. Everton is used by individuals who say all the right things and then go and do the opposite.

Until that mentality changes we plod along with the likes of Bournemouth , villa, newcastle etc. No different. Average.


Player Valuation: £25m
Who'd you want mate?

Not calling you out, just curious to who you'd have chosen (or what will now be choose) for our manager instead of Ancelotti?
I'm not sure there's anyone available that is a perfect fit. Our best option is Conte in my opinion, even if it's unlikely. Someone that made league winners of crap players like Victor Moses and Ashley Young. I think Lucien Favre is a great coach too.

Eddie Howe would be a third season Martinez. I'd welcome Moyes back, but wouldn't be thrilled about it. Love Bielsa but that'll never happen.

We just need someone that gets us playing fast and aggressive football consistently.

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