Can we win the league in the next 10 years?

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COULD we win it? Sure, anyone can win the league any season with the right investment, and they can keep on winning it with even better investment.

WILL we win it though? Never in a million years based on the shambles the club is right now from top to bottom and the losers mentality that infects the place.


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Remember pondering this after the 1995 fa cup and the wave of positivity that followed it - to be fair I was pretty convinced we would ......24 years later......

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A bad time to ask this question at the moment. I can't see us getting as high as fourth like Moyes had us. I would have thought the new faces could have become a dominant team but they are a bunch of talented individuals who have no finish and dare I say it are soft which have flattered to deceive. Need a striker who can finish then we may be able to dream again. This is just a hodgepodge of mediocrity presently.


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Not with Kenwright and the mantra we are fighting above our weight and I am paying rock bottom for Russel Grant starring as Joseph. I feel for young Evertonians I remember the late sixties then 1971 Panathonikas and the First Semi defeat against our neighbours this is when the wheels fell off! Then we just got plain unlucky Hamilton semi with that disgusting ref against our neighbours, then the Villa League cup final. Fortunately the eighties came and I watched and loved every minute of it, then came our neighbours and their antics and our bubble burst. 1995 was a welcome relief. Since then frankly a struggle, which suited the mentality of Moyes "que" semi against our neighbours. More chance of us going down than winning the league in the next ten years.


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I actually do think that Bramley Moore will result in Everton being a force again. We will be iconic on the Liverpool waterfront and Moshiri will deliver us an opportunity to regain our rightful place.

Everton are dying without Moshiri and the docks development is our last chance at remaining relevant.

I think people will get very rich of us but we will benefit.
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