2020/21 Bernard

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Player Valuation: £70m
Just not suited to the prem, such a shame, clearly a brilliant technical player.

I remember a touch against the RS, sure it was from a keeper kick, touched it dead as he was walking onto it….to be then nudged off it by VVD, summed him up tbh.


Norwegian doesn't mean kopite!
The kind of player that needs to be always starting or his confidence goes, can’t seem to influence a game from the bench to win a game or shore up a lead so finds it hard to work his way back into contention.
Yeah. He was good under Silva, i have no clue why people forget. A lot on here called him ‘a little magician’ and now hes suddenly a waste of space that was never good. Its just not factual. Hes been terrible ever since he started playing a much smaller part in our squad, but when he was a regular, he was usually pretty decent.


Player Valuation: £70m
Not really overpaid given the free transfer, look at it as 12 million with 60k wages - that said when we give these contracts they have to be sure things as no one else is coming in at 120k a week.

Echo the nice lad and wish him well sentiments. If only he could have been that player in the first season throughout.
If we had spent 12 million to get less than one back then that would still be an overpayment.

We overpaid.


Player Valuation: £80m
See yer....



Player Valuation: £70m
Hilarious people making out like he’s some awful footballer… he’s an attacking midfielder who has 14 caps for Brazil. Of course he’s not awful.

He was really unsuited to the league, and his stature made it very difficult for him. But he had more pure skill/ability than most at our club.

Best of luck to the lad
Not open for further replies.

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