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  • Agreed. Credit to him as it was a brazen move on ordering them to go after Bin Laden and not something I would have thought he would have done, as it could have cost his reputation and he's very media savvy. Showed his guts, I respect that.

    Now he has to show a lot more if he is to get re-elected. Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to the Primaries and debates starting. Your political process is far better than ours!
    Thanks for the link, I'm going to use that.

    I don't think that the two, science and faith, should compete. They should be in harmony. Science is pretty hostile towards religion like.

    Seems many are too busy congratulating themselves on a little bit of knowledge, to rule out a deity, when we don't even understand our own planet fully, never mind universe.
    I've said hello, but thats about it! Ha. Who would have thought arguably the biggest rock star living, hangs in this country pub!

    A lot of frustrated Evertonians mate, jus gotta roll with it, we need a scapegoat us blues.

    Arteta will be boss again, as a good friend of mine would say......

    Stand on me
    Oh, I visit the site almost every day and am tuned in to all things EFC. Just not posting. Gotta keep up with my team plus I am in the fantasy league.

    Work has been a real bear as of late. More so than usual. Forecasting and budgeting time with one company at work being acquired.

    Interestingly, I get up to Arkansas last weekend. We took our daughter on a college visit to Oachita Baptist U. Anyway, I was up at 6:30 to catch the game on saturday. The DeGray Lake Lodge had a big screen in the common area and Espn II. High 5 on that. My son and I may have been the only people in Arkansas watching but we posted up on that big screen and dominated it for a couple of hours.

    Thanks for checking in. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Yeah. There is a huge Salvadorian population around DC which played a small part in us signing him. Pretty much a quarter of our crowds have been there to see Castillo, but since he's not producing, they aren't going to come to games anymore.

    That header he missed was awful.
    Get well soon mate.

    Your not kidding. We need new ownership along with a new front office. It's horrible how bad it's gotten. 3 years in a row with horrible signings (Gallardo, Gomez, and now Castillo). This isn't going to help us get a new stadium either.
    Did you go to the DC United-Dynamo game last night? Hope you had fun. It was awful watching it at home.
    Cheers for the message, mate. I hope the Americans do take over. That Donovan lad is fantastic. :)

    I'm not posting on principle after getting a extremely rude and adolescent little message from the forum owner. I'm stubborn like that, Bill (hehe).

    Hope everything is fine in the US. It's been the worst winter in DK in something like 30 years. The snow is piled up to about 20 feet down the sides of the road I live on. But today it started to rain (thank goodness). So hopefully the great thaw has started!
    Think I will catch it tomorrow too, its on Fox Sports Latin.

    Love the goooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll. Except when its against us.

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