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  • Its actually 0 degrees, and the locals were delighted when it was announced on the plane.

    I shivered mate. Have you had that cold weather front lately too?
    Yeah I'm still bummed he decided not to continue coaching La Selecta. I wish him the best at chicago though. I'm looking forward at our next friendly, vs the U.S. :)
    Haha, nice one...I've got a lot of homework still to do on the league and players since I only decided a while back to start following MLS\Union. I should've started sooner but once the Blues hit the pitch they kind of take over the thought process.
    Bill, I recall seeing you reference Jars of Clay in the "What are you listenting to thread" one time. You and I may have some similar listening interests. Check out the Sacred Music thread in the ale house and bring your opinion.
    Bill rather than say words that nobody can debate against how about maybe starting a discussion?

    Believe it or not the US is not a perfect nation, far from it. And if we are being ignorant over certain matters, perhaps show us how, because my opinions are formulated over a number of years of viewing documentaries, reading articles, books, watching films and just reading the news.

    My nation also is far from perfect and I am happy to say so.

    I get accused of making sweeping statements, but mods who close threads because they feel it is an attack on their nation to me is also a sweeping statement, and not allowing yourself to perhaps talk about stuff like this.

    I'm not the only one who thinks so, but perhaps get into trouble because I don't just accept it.

    It's nothing personal against any of you Americans, but it's frustrating when you flatly refuse to discuss anything because you don't like what's being said.
    'Ello Bill...you don't know a Tommy in Texas, do ya'? Or, to be more specific, an Evertonian in Texas named Tommy. Not sure if he was in Houston but, hell, finding Evertonian's in ANY US state isn't exactly a cakewalk...they seem to be spread out everywhere. Anyhow, he was a good man...dunno what happened to him. He used to post on the ToffeeNet mailing list, where I did my talking for 10+ years before GoT. Cheers mate! Oh, and thanks for the +rep BTW...still figuring out all the forum goodies as I go along.
    It's not the same without the old political ding-dongs.

    MikelsGoat doesn't sleep. Maybe he snatches a few hours here and there. I, on the other hand, had a 12 hour job last night.

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