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  • Its live stream on bet365, good picture, just very stupid commentators. They have 1 on, hes only got 1 tone, makes me soooooo tired.
    Damn it, ive alread thrown Dallas in. Oh well, sorry, im cheering for the other chaps!!!

    Is it on tele over there?
    Dallas v Houston Dynamo
    (Full Time Result) Dallas 21/10

    Your boys getting a bashing?
    Hi Bill. Great news about my stepson. He's been taken on professionally by Chattanooga FC - a relatively new team in the Southeast NPSL (the league that includes Chicago Fire, who of course the Blues played in their US pre-season tour) without even the need to trial! Obviously his reputation went before him. ;)

    National Premier Soccer League (HotStat)
    I thnk you have to click on the "Join Social Group" link right under that GoT US Members link. If that doesn't work, PM Dylan and he'll get you squared away.
    The thing we talked about turned out fine today.

    Thanks for your prayers, mucho appreciated mate.

    Have a great weekend.
    Probably not. Money's a bit tight right now and with the two little ones, I don't see it happening for awhile.

    I desperately want to get back to Goodison soon though. One of the greatest experiences ever.
    Like the posts, Bill. Do you think you'll get over to lovely old England for a match this season? Not exactly cheap going to a "home" game for you (or me). I'm hoping I can pick up derby tickets which will be my treat for the year.

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