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  • Did I read that you were taking a cross country drive recently? What was that about? Fun or business? I think you said that you were downloading all the pubs with likely Everton broadcasts. How'd that work out for you?
    Sorry just getting back to the conversation.

    As for backing EFC.... I work in the finance department of our company with a british citizen. He is a MancLite (citeh) fan. After learning more about the EPL he encourage to take on an old version of Championship Manager '97. The pre-windows sofware barely ran on my windows machine but once I got it up an running, I was hooked. I learned quite a bit more about how the league and finances worked.

    The next steo was pointing me to this article:

    I studied the article and decided EFC was the best fit for me. I couldn't pick a top 4, wanted a reasonable team to follow, I like the underdog, blue favorite color, the article mentioned a good youth program, couldn't pick ManLite that would have been gay, so to speak.... I then declared Everton as my team and began studying sites. This is my main site now after starting with the the official site, and toffee web. I rarely go anywhere else for info now although during the window, I do scour the net especially during the transfer window. Nope, not a genetic blue, just a bandwagoner if there is such a small bandwagon.

    Cool about how you came to focus on the Premier league. I am in some ways the same. I have cooled in recent years to most sports. I grew up with the Houston Oilers and they are gone. NBA? I quit following once Shaq came into the league. I like him as a person and personality but the way he just would back over Hakeem with no foul being called.... the game changed forever. I will always love baseball but the most of the players don't really love the game. We usually get a minor leage ticket package of 8 games to AAA Frisco RoughRiders. That's the best. The players are still so motivated.

    Nowadays, I spend 80% of my sports time studying the premier league. I even walked away from the Super Bowl last night to get up to date on the transfer rumours and search for more.

    Also cool about your dad and the methodist roots of Everton. Funny you should mention religion. We hosted eight, 7th grade boys from our church Fri. and Sat. night for a youth weekend. I was tired come Sunday night.


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